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Frequently Asked Question

What is your Menorah made of?

Durable, Powder Coated Non-Rust Aluminum, with Acrylic Facia.

Can it be used outdoors? What about in the winter?

YES! This durable menorah was made for Indoor or Outdoor use. We spared no expense in getting the top material for a strong, long lasting, and impressive finish.

In strong and windy environment, please secure well. We have pre-holed slots for anchors, here is an amazon link for anchors:

What is the difference between your LED Menorah, and the light string i wan't to cover my existing Menorah with?

They say that a picture is worth 1000 words.

Ours is probably worth at least 1 million. See it here:

(Picture coming soon)

This Menorah is CLEAN, Modern and sleek. There is no loose wiring. Smooth Finish.

Can this Menorah be battery operated?

This Menorah uses 12V Low-Voltage, and can be used with worldwide Voltage. (110-250).

While a 110V battery-pack can give a short duration of use with the base product, our base is rewired to use a 12V Battery which can give you a longer run-time. . More information, and instructions coming soon (only some of the products have this battery option).

How do the bulbs work?

Unlike traditional bulb sockets, where rain enters, and shorts the circuits, effectively making the bulbs stop working, we created a custom Light fixture, that screws over the LED chip, sealing it and creating a water barrier.

Please click here to view the video (coming soon)

Is it double Sided?

Currently, we don't offer a double sided lit Menorah.

Do you have a fire adaptor?

Yes, we do! This fire adaptor was custom fit to our Menorah, screw in strongly, and can not be used for others.

Please see here for pictures and to order.

Do you have a Timer?

Respinse coming soon.

Does it Come Apart? How Small?

Yes, the menorah branches disconnect and can be packed into Our special case.

Here is a picture of a Packaged Menorah: (COMING SOOM)

To connect, please see assembly instructions here. (COMING SOON)

Does it come with a sensor?

Response coming soon.

I love that pickup truck picture, how is that powered?

A lot of new trucks have built-in power inverters (AKA 110 Home AC Outlet, or you can get a power inverter sold on amazon for about $20 - here is a link (coming soon). We plugged it right in, and walla.

Is this Menorah only good for the USA, or can it be used internationally?

The Menorah has a universal transformer and can be used worldwide!

Can you make me a Custom size?

Yes, please contact us privately.

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