7 ft LED Light Up Menorah

7 ft LED Light Up Menorah

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7 ft LED Light Up Menorah

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  • Width of the Menorah is just over 6 feet wide!
  • Dissasembles and Assembles in Minutes.
  • Includes 9 Fire-Colored LED Chips with weather Resistant Bulb Shaped Covers. No need for separate LED Light Bulbs! Our Menorah will not get rusty on top or short over time!
  • Each night lights up separately
  • Dimming Controls
  • Universal Transformer can be used worldwide. Each Menorah comes with a USA plug port on the outside and a European Plug Port inside.
  • ---Stainless Steel Pyramid Base, for a sturdy finish, with anchor holes on all corners and middle (we have sturdy anchor connections for in ground grass placement, or bolted into concrete for a concrete finish. In addition, custom Sand Bags can be added which connect to the Menorah adding 100lb of weight) Please Note The 7+ Ft comes with the NEW pyramid base #1. Pictured is last years round base, now available on the 4ft Models. New Pictures will be uploaded shortly. *Please see below for Optional Base #2 Addition details.
  • Timer to set each night automatically
  • Every Branch and connector piece can be screwed in for strong and long lasting security.
  • Timer function instantly adding a new light every 24 hours is included on all 7+ foot models
  • Access to many exciting future upgrades in progress


  • UL Approved
  • Top-quality & Outdoor Proof wiring, engineering, and components.
  • Built in Surge Protector
  • Fully Coated in a white finish for a Beautiful Long Lasting Appearance
  • 3" Thick Base Panel (THICK & STRONG!), 2" Thick Branches
  • Modern, Sleek, & Sturdy
  • Thick Aluminum Panels
  • Waterproof LED Panel

    Optional Add-ons:
  • 25Lb Stainless Steel Base that raises the Menorah by approx 1 foot, Provides a lot more room for SandBags or Heavyweights of over 100lbs to be placed inside the Menorah for a clean and beautiful finished look and to secure / WaterTight batteries inside the Menorah, and a very prestigious permanent look.. You can also install Plaques and dedications onto the Base.
  • Led Sign Plugs straight into the Menorah with no need for an additional plug/outlet (or can use with battery). Our Special Custom-Made Bracket Strongly and securely connects to the Menorah. Our Sign comes in two sizes, 36x12 and 36x18. We also offer Print & Customization Services. Advertise your Chabad House all year round!
  • Fire Extension and TiKi Torch Canister available for a beautiful and bright fire! Our Custom piece Screws strongly and securely onto the Menorah, and can easily be switched between LED & Fire.
  • Wire to connect from battery port to car lighter. Hook up to a trailer or pickup truck!
  • Sensor (Link coming soon)

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