12 ft LED Light Up Menorah - jewish Chanukkah decorative candles

12 ft LED Light Up Menorah™

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12 ft LED Light Up Menorah™

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  • Width of the Menorah is just over 6 feet wide!
  • Disassembles and Assembles in Minutes.
  • Includes 9 fire-colored LED chips with weather resistant bulb shaped covers. This LED chip lasts typically 70,000-100,000 hours (that's 7-10 years) and can then be replaced for bobkes after that. It's fire colors and have an acrylic bulb cover that completely watertight it so it doesn't rust over the years or short the Menorah!
  • Each night lights up separately
  • Dimming Controls
  • Universal Transformer can be used worldwide. Each Menorah comes with a USA plug port on the outside and a European Plug Port inside.
  • 15lb Stainless Steel Pyramid Base, for a sturdy finish, with anchor holes on all corners and middle (we have sturdy anchor connections for in ground grass placement or bolted into concrete for a concrete finish. In addition, there is 25Lb Stainless Steel Base that raises the Menorah by approx 1 foot for a total of 40lb extra weight, provides a lot more room for SandBags or Heavyweights of over 100lbs to be placed inside the Menorah for a clean and beautiful finished look and to secure / Watertight batteries inside the Menorah, and a very prestigious permanent look. You can also install Plaques and dedications onto the Base.
  • Please Note The 7+ Ft comes with the NEW pyramid base #1. Pictured is last year's round base, now available on the 4ft Models. New Pictures will be uploaded shortly. *Please see below for Optional Base #2 Addition details.
  • Timer to set each night automatically
  • Every Branch and connector piece can be screwed in for strong and long-lasting security.
  • Timer function instantly adding a new light every 24 hours is included on all 7+ foot models
  • Access to many exciting future upgrades in progress


  • UL Approved
  • Top-quality & Outdoor Proof wiring, engineering. nbsp;and components.
  • Built in Surge Protector
  • Fully Coated in a white finish for a Beautiful Long-Lasting Appearance
  • 3" Thick Base Panel (THICK & STRONG!), 2" Thick Branches
  • Modern, Sleek, & Sturdy
  • Thick Aluminum Panels
  • Waterproof LED Panel

    Optional Add-ons:
  • Led Sign Plugs straight into the Menorah with no need for an additional plug/outlet (or can use with battery). Our Special Custom-Made Bracket Strongly and securely connects to the Menorah. Our Sign comes in two sizes, 36x12 and 36x18. We also offer Print & Customization Services. Advertise your Chabad House all year round!
    The LED Sign can be attached and lit up on BOTH sides of the Menorah! (so, if you want it to be seen on both sides, please get two) (Please note: Only one will plug directly into the base, the second can be plugged into an outlet with the specialized plug that we provide which works for both outlets and direct to the Menorah)
  • Fire Extension and TiKi Torch Canister available for a beautiful and bright fire! Our Custom piece Screws strongly and securely onto the Menorah, and can easily be switched between LED & Fire.
  • Wire to connect from battery port to car lighter. Hook up to a trailer or pickup truck!
  • Sensor (email us for a link)

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More Information
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